Sunday, August 29, 2010

Exercise 8: Varying pose - Review

I deliberately chose some exaggerated poses for my subject, partly because he is a clown but also to explore some more unusual positioning of limbs. I expected the shoot to just be a learning process and good practice for directing my model so I was surprised to find two 'keepers' in the final results.  I love the image of John looking out of his shed in the rain and the one of him squatting.  I thought the latter would look false but it somehow suits his personality and expression.

Next time, I will ensure slightly less clutter around the area - I wanted to include the England chair and the BBQ but the cover for the BBQ was a distraction in a couple of shots (inc the squatting one).  Again this is about slowing down and registering everything I can see in the frame.


  1. The shot of John looking out from the shed is brilliant. It looks like a grumpy man who lies in a shed, peeking out to see if any kids are playing on his lawn.

    I agree that less clutter would have served to make a better picture in the squatting shot. If there were just lawn and brick wall it would have been more pleasing. Still a good shot.

  2. Typo correction: "lies" = "lives".