Saturday, September 11, 2010

Initial feedback on submissions for Assignment 1

My tutor, Clive White, has given me some very constructive feedback about my submissions for Assignment 1 - confirming my fears that they did not meet the brief requiring the images to be from different sessions.  He was worried that I would be marked down for this and suggested I add some more varied imagery.

Comments from Clive:  "the continuity of dark backgrounds, clothing and the lighting make it feel like one session and one approach".  Little does he know, Matt only ever wears black T shirts (except for weddings and funerals) so that is something I cannot change, but he does have short hair now so that will help with the variety a bit.

I asked for help to decide which images were worth keeping.

"drop Guinness because although it's an eye catching image and tells us he likes it, it could be a double page spread ad with the Guinness logo inserted in the bottom left corner.

Binoculars is a strong image and with the background black and the outdoor reflected in the glasses you have an indoors looking outdoors metaphor but actually I think it would have improved it to have the face sharp, then the binoculars would become more his eyes, his vision. So on that small point I would drop that one.
Rubberbands does have a slightly different feel to it just from virtue of being in black & white, this and Chair are probably the strongest images of the whole set, they both exude a defiance in the face of restrictions, when set into the whole series, so on that basis I would drop Camera; leaving Rubberbands remaining!"

So now I have reviewed some of the other images I took of Matt over the last month and nothing really jumps out as something I would be happy to submit for this assignment,  We will shoot more today and tomorrow and find three photographs to complete the set.  I have set my ideas out but am not sure how well I will be able to execute them.  Should be interesting.