Sunday, October 17, 2010

Exercise 9: A comfortable situation

I was reasonably comfortable shooting on Brick Lane as there are a lot of people around with cameras and it is notorious for being very 'picturesque' in a gritty London way.  My heart rate did go up considerably a few times - firstly when I was shooting the guy with the mark on his face.  He was looking straight at me and I felt bad for 'staring' even from behind my lens.  I was also nervous shooting the older Asian lady - again because I was aware she looked a bit different in the crowd and I didn't want her to feel like a spectacle.  One of the Japanese girls spotted me photographing her yawning but luckily she smiled shyly and I smiled back and thanked her.  A few times, I used the old trick of bringing my camera down and looking past my subject to pretend I was photographing someone else.

There was definitely an adrenalin rush which helped me to be very aware of how quickly I would need to capture gestures and expressions.  This caused me to focus in a way that almost slowed down everything else around me so I could hone in on the best faces and moments.

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