Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Street photography - from Italy - part 2

Two very cool homeless guys chatting with Matt - we had donated some our pizza to them and they were very chuffed
This almost looked like a modern day Caravaggio with the beautiful lighting - seemed like a very dignified pose
This man looked murderous and made me quite nervous but I was happy with the final composition  - loved his hunching over and the shadow of the statue from the bridge on the awning in the background
Loved the dreaminess of this moment, combined with the rather pissed off look on the guy's face.
Very happy with this image - it took me several shots to get the engaging look from this busker


  1. Helen, these are a lovely set of images. Love the black & white and toning - really adds to the atmosphere of the images.

  2. I love the vilonist - great expression and character!