Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kinderpostzegel Nederland stamps 2010

I received a Get Well card from a thoughtful, dear friend in The Netherlands today with the most wonderful stamps:


Gorgeous delicate images of children with soft lighting - their gaze turned away from the camera but still captured with so much expression.   I would love to know how the images were post-processed.  The link above does not do justice to the actual stamps which are more matt and muted.

The stamps are part of a campaign, (which is very successful according to my Dutch friend):

Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland (Kinderpostzegels) is a children’s charity with the slogan: 'for children, by children'. The annual Children’s Welfare Stamps Campaign is a striking example of this, forming the organisation’s showpiece. In this campaign, children help other children. Kinderpostzegels uses the proceeds to support projects focusing primarily on children.

Charity website

From what I can glean, the photographers were:

Anuschka Blommers and Niels Schumm

I am not very enamoured with the rest of their work to be honest - too empty and creepy, too clinical.  And the ones of the kids laying in the grass - surely these could have horrible connotations?  Maybe there is a Dutch cultural thing that I am missing here.  Interesting how I could dislike pretty much everything on their website and yet find the images on these stamps so arresting and appealing.

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  1. Heh! I don't really like the stamps, but I like the other stuff they do.