Sunday, March 11, 2012

Exercise 19: A single figure small

Found some great opportunities to experiment with this in Cuba. I had previously only really thought of a small figure adding some accent, some lively interest to an image but I like the idea that this can also establish the connection between people and their wider surroundings.  It also means that the necessary anonymity of person in the images leaves much to the imagination of the viewer.

I like the balance of the white path in this image - plus the bending positions of the figures adds interest

This guy wouldn't stop watching me  - I think I was making him nervous. He waited until I was shooting something else before he slipped down onto the rocks and began fishing

Love the Tai Chi feel of this, although I think the guy was just stepping down from a wall but with exaggerated arm movements.  The underexposure of the sky in processing was a bit of an experiment as I have been looking at Cole Thompson's work.  Quite like it....

Although the figure is very small here, I think it still works... ?

Boring but would have been even more boring without the person

Really pleased with how this came out (mostly glad the kid turned to look to his right, leading the interest that way)


  1. I like the "Tai Chi" photo the best. In addition to the life that the pose gives to the photo, there is also the muted drama of the smokestack in the background.

  2. I thought we were going to Cuba this summer, apparently we're not - it's too wet! The figure on the roof works best for me, a bit "pink Panther 'ish, but the reveal works well. The last shot seems to have rhythm about it and I agree about his head "pointing".

    1. I think the best time to be in Cuba is December, Jan, Feb - definitely worth a visit though and I would recommend you go as soon as possible as it is changing noticeably every year. Thanks for your comments :)