Sunday, February 3, 2013

Havana photos (after Klein - ish)

So I was very inspired by the OCA trip to the William Klein exhibition and decided to process a batch of my latest holiday photos in his style (sort of).  I salvaged some images that would usually have been discarded due to technical issues, upped the contrast and added grain effect.  It felt counter-intuitive as Havana is such a colourful place but the city is also highly textured and very dark at night so I felt these kind of work.  Would be interested to hear what other people think?

Black and white gallery:

And to compare and contrast the approach, this is the colour gallery (not the same images):


  1. I think you have some really great images and some OK ones, in both galleries. I think the treatment overall works well. It's hard to be more precise as I found that the galleries are too big and unstructured to work well as a viewing experience and I found myself losing track. Editing down into smaller more manageable groups would make it easier to absorb.

  2. There are a lot to look through. Like Eileen I can see some great ones in both galleries. What would be good is if you could, say, choose 10/12 from each for comparison - maybe even the same image so I could see what difference there is between the treatments.

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